Cold starters


Fresh Assorted vegetables

Tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet pepper, radish,

lola rossa, spring onions.

440 g /355 rub.


Home-made Pickles

Sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers, pickled peppers,

marinated tomatoes, salted pepper, pickled

mushrooms, cranberries and pickled garlic.

365 g /375 rub.


Several kinds of lard with collard herbs.

160 g /295 rub.

Assorted meat

Pork neck, ox tongue, roasts beef served with

horseradish and mustard.

220 g /415 rub.

Mildly salted whitefish

Served with lemon, olives and mixed salads.

160 g / 515 rub

Cheese platter

DorBlu, Maasdam, Dziugas, Kamamber served with

grapes, black olives, green olives, walnuts and honey.

210 g /465 rub.

Pickled mushrooms

Pickled mushrooms, sour cream, onions and herbs.

140 g / 365 rub

Herring with potatoes

Herring fillet, boiled potatoes, pickled red onions,

flavored butter.

150 g /195 rub.


Fresh frozen sliced whitefish 

Served with lemon, salt and pepper.

75 g  /335 rub.


Home-made meat-jelly bythe recipe by  Kuznez

This is a special traditional Russian snack for vodka.

Made from beef and pork with garlic all served with

 mustard and horseradish

200 g /245 rub.


Home-made baked breads

with garlic and herbs.

150 g / 120 rub.

Roast beef

Served with tomatoes,  pickled cucumbers and cheese

190 g / 415 rub.

Light salted Salmon

Served with lemon,  olives and mixed salads.

160 g / 575 rub



Hot starters


Pancakes with caviar (Recipe by Kuznec)

Pancakes, baked according to the Hammersmith’s

recipe, served with red caviar.

180 g /415 rub.


Chicken fillet in mushroom sauce

Chicken fillet sautéed in cream with cheese, onion,

garlic, served with pastry.

160 g /225 rub.


Assorted fish in cream sauce

Halibut, salmon, carrots, onions, sweet pepper, celery,

stewed in plums with cheese. Served with pastry.

170 g / 245 rub.


Grilled vegetables

Tomatoes, zucchini, sweet pepper, cauliflower, red onions,

garlic, marinated with olive oil,  provencal herbs,

sweet chili sauce.

250 g / 245 rub.