Pickled cabbage, gherkins, salted mushrooms, beetroot, boiled potatoes, carrots with mustard dressing.

170 g  / 175 rub.


«Herring Pod shuboy»           

Layers of vegetables and cured herring topped with beetroot and mayonnaise.
245 g  / 235 rub.


                   «Winter salad»                         

Sausage, beef tongue, carrots, potatoes (all boiled) and pickled cucumbers with dressing based on mayonnaise and horseradish.

180 g / 225 rub.


                               Fresh vegetables salad                                                     Tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, sweet pepper, red onions, mixed salad with dressing of your choice: sour cream, mayonnaise, olive oil or flavored oil.

220 g  / 205 rub.


Calamary Salad 

Boiled cured calamaries, tomatoes, sweet pepper, green beans, mixed salad, sesame seeds with dressing based on flavored oil, lemos juice and garlic.

195 g / 335 rub.

Vegetable salad with home-made cheese

lettuce, home-made cheese, olives and Pesto sauce.

215 g / 315 rub.


Warm salad with chicken and celery

Roasted chicken meat, sweet pepper, celery, carrot, cucumber, apple, fresh salad, Siberian pine nuts  with mustard dressing.

200 g / 315 P


Salad with beef tongue

Beef tongue, lettuce, vegetables, green beans, mushrooms, quail egg and dressing based on flavored oil, soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic.

230 g / 335 rub.

«Caesar» salad  with chicken

Fried chicken fillet, bacon, Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Grana Padano cheese with Caesar dressing.

180 g / 315 rub.


Vegetable salad with light salted salmon rolls and cheese

Light salted  salmon and cheese, Lola Rossa lettuce, cucumbers, radish, capers with dressing based on flavored oil, lemon, garlic and herbs.

220 g /465 rub.