Hot dishes



Fish soup

Salmon and pikeperch .

350 g / 335 rub.


With beef and pork ribs.

450 g / 305 rub.

Chicken soup

With noodles and vegetables.

350 g / 205 rub.


Cream-soup with white mushrooms

White mushrooms, mushrooms, celery root onions, cream and baked breads.

300 g /295 rub.


Home-made soup

With beef tongue, boiled sausage, veal, bacon and beef kidneys.

350 g / 285 rub.


Meat dishes


Chicken burgers

with mushroom sauce, vegetables and rice

350 g /345 rub.

Baked chicken

wings with garlic and adzhika, served with potatoes and sauerkraut  530 g /415 rub.

Medallions of lamb

With mashed potatoes and tomato salad.

340 g / 525 rub.


Pork knee 

Roasted pork knee with mustard served with mash potatoes, sliced vegetables, sauerkraut, cow-berry, horseradish and mustard.

for 100 g /115 rub.


Pork ribs

Baked with garlic, honey and mustard. Served with home-made potatoes and sauerkraut.

470 g /615 rub.


Beef tongue

Fried tongue with mash potatoes, sauerkraut, mushrooms sauce, pickled vegetables.

380 g /575 rub.

    Stewed rabbit in a pot with vegetables   

Rabbit cooked with bell pepper, zucchini, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms and celery root.

300 g /410 rub.

Home-made pork with potatoes

Served in a pan with tomato and egg.

250 g /315 rub.

          Thin beefsteak with vegetables            

Beef tenderloin fried with spices, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and herbs. Served in a pan.

220 g /495 rub.

Buckwheat porridge  

With veal brains, white mushrooms and vegetables.

350 g / 395 rub.


Potatoes fried with bacon

Served in a pan with herbs and garlic.

250 g / 270 rub.


Beef stroganoff with buckwheat porridge  

Beef steak stewed in cream with onions, mushrooms and garlic.

350 g /415 rub.

Chicken giblets in cream sauce

Chicken giblets, stewed with mushrooms in cream. Served  with mash potatoes and light salted vegetables.

400 g / 345 rub.



Fish dishes


            Squid in cream saffron sauce             

served with rice, broccoli, pickled tomatoes and capers

 320 g / 415 rub.


Salmon and pikeperch cutlets

With mashed cauliflower and avocado sauce

 270 g / 525 rub.


Salmon fillet

with a salad of tomatoes and broccoli and mashed potatoes          

 290 g /615 rub.


Fried salmon and pikeperch

Served with broccoli and Beshamel sauce

 290 g / 615 rub.


Pikeperch  fillet with spinach

Fried pikepech  fillet with spinach, rice, lemon and Polish sauce

 300 g /595 rub.





Dumplings with meat

210 g  /345 rub.

Dumplings with mushrooms and potatoes

210 g /  295 rub.

Dumplings with radish

210 g /  245 rub.

Dumplings with salmon and pikeperch

210 g / 365 rub.

Dumplings with cherry

180 g / 295 rub.

Choose a sauce to our dumplings:

Sour cream







Side dishes



150 g / 95 rub.


Mashed potatoes

150 g / 95 rub.


Boiled potato with herbs

150 g  / 95 rub.



150 g  / 95 rub.


                        Spinach in cream sauce              

150 g  / 230 rub.

Peas porridge

with white mushrooms and unrefined oil

250 g /245 rub.